Saturday, October 14, 2006



10 days.

Well, it's been hectic. The UBs are out now, and 719 is coming along verrrry nicely.
Production graphics came through today, so I have a few days of stitching to do :)
I have some tidy tricks up my sleeve for this [that I'm importing from FreeG]... all that textbox<->control stuff is implemented by magic in FreeG, so we'll have editable textboxes for 719, with almost zero code to do it! :D I'm happy.

The final Lemony Snicket book came out today: "Book the Thirtheenth". I've been waiting excitedly for months. :D It was worth the wait.

My Macbook got fixed! It was doing the random shutdown thing.
I will relay my tail of woe and then great happiness! :)
Basically, it was shutting down at random. Earlier yesterday was the first time it crashed and took some work with it, so I decided enough was enough, and phoned Apple.
First A:"do you have applecare, 'cause there's a 35quid charge if it's not a fault with the machine".
ME:"It's a fault with the machine. It's a macbook. It's the same thing they all do. It shuts down at random."
A:"Ok, well, we'll arrange a collection, fix it, and courrier it back."
ME:"How long will that take?"
A:"7 to 10 days"
ME:"It's business critical, that's too long. How about I take it to the Apple store?"
A:"They have to send it away. still 7-10 days"
ME:"So... any other options?"
A:"Maybe you have a nearby Apple Authorised Repair Centre?"
ME:"Yes! I do! I know em! They're great! Can they fix it?"
ME:"Will it cost me money?"
A:"No. They have access to our database here, so they can see it's a warranted repair."
ME:"Great. Niceone. Bye"
*digs up the number for Computer Associated Decisions, my local Apple Repair Centre*
ME:"Hello, I have a macbook, serial number xyz, can you fix it?"
CAD:"Yes, we'll just order in the parts, then you can just bring it in and we'll fix it."
-NEXT DAY!!!!-
CAD:"We got the parts. We can collect it if you want."
CAD:"Yep, give us an hour and we'll have it back to you."
*knock at door*
*hands over laptop*
*1hr passes*
*laptop returns*
So, there you go people! 1 hour to fix my macbook. UNREAL! :)
If you can get to Computer Associated Decisions, use them. They're GOLDEN. :)

I have been spending too much time on KvR. It's too easy. Lots of nice music people to chat to. Addictive.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cracking Sonalksis Plugins


This is a public request to crackers.

You would expect that serious professionals would buy plugins... but actually all too many of them still use cracks so...

Our request is:

If you crack a Sonalksis plugin and release it, please badge it with your team logo on the front fascia.

We'll be very grateful to you if you do this for us.


FreeG v1.01

Sonalksis Announce FreeG V1.01!

1) Nicer mouse-hide behaviour
2) Improved interpolation for automation
3) INSTANT attack for digital PPM ballistics

Available to download now!

Thanks for all the support!


Monday, October 02, 2006



So, TBK2 is out now, FreeG is out now, the new User Area is up and alive!! :D

Intelmac binaries are in beta, so they'll be around next week!

And we have a few more tricks up our sleeves...

Anyway, that's the work stuff.
The actual real life meaning of all this is that we've been locked in an appartment in Montmartre working our ASSES off for the last three days solid. I haven't even made it to the Louvre yet... which is my plan! With luck, I'll get there this avo. It doesn't feel like a monday. Weird.

Amazingly, we've already sold a plugin without having even told anyone that the site had been updated... which means that people are ACTIVELY checking the site for changes! That's exciting :)

I need a cup of tea. And some lunch.

Crepes are the best thing in the world ever. I could eat nothing but crepe until I die, and die happy. It is true.