Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Where have you gone? Where has 2.02 gone?!?!

I mean, it wasn't that much to ask for, was it?
Except, who saw it coming...? That I would find myself locked in a room for two weeks, on the verge of losing my mind, trying to fix a bug in the RTAS version that just plain didn't want to be fixed.
Well, I guess that just goes to show why it's never safe to publish release dates for things in beta testing!

I am feeling slightly better about life now that I'm no longer focussing every fibre of my being on this one retarded bug ('cause it's fixed now).
I do want to say BIG THANKS and BIG LOVE to Angus @ FXpansion and Nixx @ Focusrite for keeping me sane during that fortnight... Errrgh.
I'm uploading a new beta for the testers while I type this... :)

And then I get to make some exciting NEW plugins!! Now, that IS something I'm looking forward to!! :)

I watched 8 DVDs this weekend:
Farenheit 9/11 (veeeery interesting)
Layer Cake (just great)
The 40-year-old Virgin (actually a lot more funny than i expected)
Memoirs of a Geisha (very cool)
Ultraviolet (no actual storyline to speak of, nor dialogue, but lots of fighting, and that completely redeemed it, in my eyes)
Hitch (it's a will smith rom-com, you know what it's gonna be like)
Team America - World Police (required viewing for everyone, ever)
Anchorman (really really really funny)

While watching Layer Cake, my macbook's power supply failed. The cable melted through, just at the join between the cable and the magnetic connector. Very scary.
I went to the Apple Store in London and showed them it. They asked me to take a seat. I waited about 1hr30, and then a very nice man gave me a new one!! :D
So now I am online again. I have photos of my melted power cable if anyone would be interested to see them?

Files have uploaded... onto some new plugins now, methinks :D