Friday, December 29, 2006

Oops... I messed up...

A short while ago, we sent this out...


You are receiving this email because you have recently downloaded an installer for the Sonalksis Essentials Mk2 series plugins.

We were informed earlier today of a bug in the VST versions of the SV-315Mk2 Compressor whereby it identified itself to the host incorrectly. As a result, installing the SV-315Mk2 can cause existing sessions containing SV-315Mk1 to open incorrectly, and using this version of the SV-315Mk2 could cause problems in the future.

The bug is fixed, and we strongly suggest that you install the updated versions, available from:

If your VST plug-in host reports the version number to be 2.00, then you have the fixed plugins.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause,

Sonalksis Development Team


I messed up, and the VSTs reported the wrong names/IDs to the host :( I sux.
Still, it was easy to fix, but it could potentially be a pain in the ass to you, so we fixed it immediately...
It's an obscure detail, and the only way we found it was opening sessions with both the mk1 and mk2 plugs in... Urgh.

I'm starting to conclude that I live in a world of paranoia. I'm not convinced that the installers overwrite the old plugins correctly. There's a universe of arcane logic to decide whether to overwrite or not, and flags to force overwriting... and although I've set those, there's ANOTHER layer of arcane reasoning to decide whether to ignore those flags... Urgh. I hate installers. Although, the new ones only took 1hr to build all of them, so Inno ROX as does Iceberg! :D [Even if they are predicated upon some arcane logic that i fear...]

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's all going off 'round here!

I've just built the release candidates for Windows, and the Mac stuff is compiling while I type...
Press releases are written, manuals are getting one last proofread...
Installer configurations are being made, and I even found a neat tool (EasyDMG) for making the mac .DMG files quickly...
The website is being updated, the purchasing system is being upgraded (so all you existing users can get discounts!) and the launch is very near...
Code is all finished, fixed and tested!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dynamics Love

Sonalksis Dynamics...

You've seen 719, and a bit of 517mk2 on the 'net... Well, here's 719 and 315mk2, living in peace and harmony on my logic session ;)

They are very much in love ;)

Saturday, December 16, 2006


A teaser of the makeover...


Friday, December 15, 2006

It is done.

I have been quiet recently, no?

That is because I have been working night and day... in some cases THROUGH the night (such as this week, when I was building a multiresolution fourier analyser...).

Mark 2 is complete.

SV517Mk2, is, in my totally non-humble opinion, the finest EQ you will be able to find. I can't see anyone who is serious about their music 'getting by' without a copy. It sings.

SV315Mk2 is the compressor of my dreams, and hopefully that of many other people's too.

SV719 is probably the most interesting and flexible gate out there... and if you remember my past in RTAS/TDM plugs, you'll know I've seen a few.

We've all worked SO hard on these plugins that it's been physically, mentally, psychologically and SPIRITUALLY exhausting. This evening I built the installer to send SV517Mk2 to join the other plugs in beta. Reports are good, and I've only a handful of cosmetic bugs to clean up. Which I intend to clean up tomorrow. Manuals are underway. The website is being updated. The release date is set.

And yes, it's before Xmas, just in time for you to all get a nice present.
Existing users get a cheap upgrade price too...

I am excited, relieved... amazed that we've pulled it off... and very eagerly looking forwards to the reviews! No stone has been left unturned in delivering solidly pro products.

Pheww. Now for a nice cup of Chai tea, and a good listen to my mate Harry Coade's remix of "Danger in the City" by Roy Young, featuring Snake Davis...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Parallels Desktop Beta!


As I may have mentioned, I use Parallels for my PC development stuff (and thereby only need one computer to roll EVERYTHING out). I got an email the other day to tell me there's a new beta out... so, throwing caution to the wind, I downloaded and installed...

Cool Feature one: It boots your BootCamp installs... When I got my macbook i rather naively allocated a rather large windows partition that has lain pretty much dormant... So, tried it, didn't work... read the info PROPERLY, found I had to install some Parallels tools, and it worked like a charm - it adds new bootmenu options to windows, and it all rolls out nicely.

First time I installed it, all my network stuff was broken... scary, but after I rebooted (having installed the Parallels stuff) it came back perfectly.

Cool Feature two: Coherence... I kept clicking on this and nothing happened, so I reinstalled my Parallels tools, and then it worked. Oh My God. It's crazy. This is the coolest thing anyone has done in a long time... Basically, my Windows apps float around with my mac apps... and I have a startbar under my mac menu... Crikey. This is incredibly cool.

If you own an intelmac, and have any reason at all to run windows in any circumstances (and even if you've already set up bootcamp), you NEED Parallels. This is the coolest piece of software ever.


Friday, December 01, 2006

719 finally goes to beta

It's amazing how those little things add up.

It was nearly finished.
I was tidying up the UI.
Then we realised that a full sample-accurate MIDI implementation would be nice... which takes a while when you have to support VST AND AU AND RTAS.
Then someone pointed out that independent stereo gating would be nice (gate open on one side, closed on the other)... and that took a little while.
Then someone suggested lookahead, and that was too good an idea to ignore... so we did that...
It's a very sexy plugin... to me at least.. because it does actually let you do whatever you want to do... such as using both MIDI and an external sidechain (oh, yeah, we have external sidechains on VST, AU and RTAS... the VST one is with 4in2out and 2in1out versions) at the same time... so you can sidechain the gate off a beat, and play in some extra swung notes, to make it groove. It's fun.

Feature creep? Or making a great plugin? I dunno. We've certainly made you wait for a while, and that's not so great. It would have been nice to finish it a month ago. We stuck in a DirectX version too, just because some people use it. We're considering doing a MAS version (though it may prove more sensible to just wait until DP supports external sidechains on AU).

Still, today, I can announce with great happiness and relief that we have finally gone to beta. The last phase of optimisation is completed, and all the bugs I know about have gone to bug heaven.
I'm hoping that release will follow fairly shortly (but I don't control that... so who knows).


I'll post more when we get some feedback, and I'll tell you how it's looking :)