Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ultimax Force - Ninja Commandos

I got this DVD:

Ultimax Force (imdb:

It looks GREAT. I can't WAIT to watch it.


Me? Leak images of things I've been working on? That would never happen.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Dave Gamble, Acting Manager, Absenteeism Department, Sonalksis

Where did I go?

I'm a little embarassed by having disappeared for so long. Truth is, I disappeared to Cuba for a few months, with a huge bag full of cash (with SWAG on the side), to smoke VERY fat cigars, and get a suntan. (Chris Randall sussed me out!)

Ok, no, that's actually not the truth. That's what I /wish/ was the truth. I moved house.
Moving house proves two unique problems for me: 1) I have studio kit and 2) I'm a hoarder.
The new studio is set up now, and I've treated the room to be within 7dB at 1/3rd octave measurement at the sweet spot. I chucked out LOTS of junk, but still managed to fill a 6'x6' bookcase with the excess. And another 6'x2' bookcase. One day, I promise I'll throw out all my old papers, but I just don't have the heart to right now. My thesis draws ever-closer to completion, and, frankly, the idea of throwing away anything I've printed out terrifies me. I bought a laser printer some years ago. Best investment I have ever made. I print things out a lot. I'm not good with screens and understanding what's going on - which is why I'm such a moron to talk to on MSN.
Unless it's code. That's not an invitation for people to MSN me in C++.

The new place is a LOT nicer. My girlfriend and I got a place together, which is a little scary (first time for me!), but it does mean we can have a REALLY nice home! (she's a graphics designer... did I mention that? Flukey or what eh?) I may even post some photos.

So, to the interesting (and less rambling-idiot-stylee) news...
2.04 is in beta at the moment. Lots of fixes and improvements for all sorts of obscure cases.
Improvements across the board for: 315Mk1, 517Mk1, 315Mk2, 517Mk2, 719, FreeG, CQ1, DQ1...

As you may have gathered, there is to be a range of Sonalksis Mastering plugins. There's been a LOT of work on that. They're not quite in beta yet, I'm still making some alpha adjustments, and incorporating a few last features. They'll be in test within a month tho, and you can rely on the beta group (who just go from strength to strength. I fear them) to make em lovely.
There will be (I can officially announce) StereoTools (TM), MaxLimit (TM), MultiLimit (TM), and Ultimate-D (TM).

Hopefully the names are reasonably self-explanatory. Ultimate-D (TM) is, obviously, a Tenacious-D (TM, but not ours!) tribute plugin, and makes you feel like Jack Black (TM, his own).

I'm going to stop talking about those now... comments guessing what they do are invited :)

I'll post more shortly :)