Thursday, May 22, 2008

2.04 is out!

... and Mastering is going back to beta today ... after some serious reshuffling and tweakage (I'm generally skeptical of things that undergo a lot of tweakage, but it does just sound effortlessly awesome all day now. It actually pains me to admit that, bizarrely, 'cause there were some changes I wasn't initially any too keen on. But dammit they sound GREAT now.)

I'm just tidying up the graph (ironically the same graph that was the first posting here to reveal that the Mastering plugs were on their way)... then I hit "BUILD EVERYTHING" and off it goes.

And then it'll be back for TDM porting... :D


stiff said...

".. and Mastering is going back to beta today ..."

About damn time :D

stiff said...

Or wait a minute. Going BACK? I thought it was getting closer to the release :/

I need to start reading things properly... Or drink my morning coffee before I comment.

Dave Sonalksis said...

Heh. That +IS+ closer to the release!
It goes:
1) Develop + Fix bugs
2) Beta
3) If Bugs, or not sufficiently cool yet, return to 1
4) Release

So we went 1,2,3,1,2.... and hopefully now it'll be 3 and 4 :D

Mike said...

I just had a nice idea for TBK4, and humbly submit it for your consideration: a frequency shifter, like the Bode. I think this fits the TBK ethic of a Big Knob perfectly, and the market could certainly use a good one. My two pence.

Anonymous said...

transient shaper by Sonalksis ;)

rtfgvb774 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................