Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm going to NAMM!

Wow! So I am finally going to visit the US!

My first trip to the states!

So, if anyone has any tips for:
- finding cigars in anaheim
- surviving as an eccentric englishman in america
- not going hoarse at a tradeshow
please let me know!!

If you'll be at NAMM, it'd be GREAT to meet you! I will mostly be hanging around at the Toontrack stand (our new allies :D ), stand 1100 in hall E.

As for Sonalksis activity - I've been preparing for the show, and the mastering tools are doing good in beta. Hope to launch fairly soon :D:D

See you there!!


stiff said...

Cool. Have fun man! And give my best to the Toontrack guys.

guy incognito said...

no cubans in america, dude (erm, cigars, that is).

most other central american variants available, though.

also, bring your own tea! if you're a tea drinker.

you think I'm joking.

Hans said...

Hey Dave, please send some donuts from NAMM ;) I wish I could go there! Can't wait to check out the new plugs. Have a great time at NAMM! Your Belgian "beer Drinking" GUI designer ;)
Cheers, Hans

Chris Walton said...

have fun ;) I hope I'll be able to go there someday myself.

TheDistortingJack said...

BE the Eccentric Englishman.
Show those yankees what geek style means!