Friday, December 07, 2007

Progress Update


It's been a tense one today. I finish work for the year tomorrow (to work on my thesis). This afternoon, I was three days behind schedule. This evening has been intense. With a good codebase you can work wonders though ;)
I need to wake up tomorrow, finish the DSP for Ultimate-D (just some tweaking), do final builds, do final alpha tests, and then I can ship MultiLimit, MaxLimit and Ultimate-D to beta. Wooh.
It's been painful, like it always is.
Looks like a release early next year is fairly plausible... so we're on track! :)
I am, however, not on track for the 80s party I am attending tomorrow evening. I should have my hair dyed by now (I am going as Hannibal from the A-Team. For the cigars, basically.).

Weird. These plugins are actually alive. How exciting!
I mentioned about the Analogue Clip being pretty groovy.
MultiLimit imparts an almost magical bigness to things. When I finish my first pop album, it'll be mastered with that. MaxLimit (especially since I added in the delay-compensation stuff) works very nicely even on tracks/busses in a session. Very groovy.
Ultimate-D is probably the least exciting plugin I've ever worked on, but if you need really really really good dither, then you probably could get quite excited about it.

However, something it's VERY easy (for me) to get excited about is that we WON AN AWARD FOR TBK3!
How cool is that?!? (more details to follow...)




// JLN // said...

Yay ! That's the way to go ;).

Can't wait to try it out.

And Dave, let us know when you'll release your Pop album.

SIGHUP said...

Little wonder you won an award for TBK3, it's truly an excellent thing.

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