Saturday, December 01, 2007

Plans and Reality


Today I got a healthy dose of how well things can turn out, when plans turn into reality.

So, you might have seen somewhere, we said we'd have an analogue clip on MaxLimit / MultiLimit?

Well, as of this evening, those two are now feature complete... there's polishing and optimising to do yet, but really not more than another day's worth of work, and they'll go to beta (Did I mention that StereoTools is in beta now? :D:D:D).

Now, as you also might recall, I'm striving for a PhD in nonlinear system theory, which means when I say "analogue clip", it really does actually have to be an analogue clip.
Following on with my current theme of making everything sound much simpler than it really is, the only difference between an analogue and a digital clip is the aliasing. Granted, most people claim to have alias-free clipping, and I'm sure that some do, I just haven't been given a copy of them. However, we needed 16 odd orders (a clip is symmetric, so there IS no even order distortion. None. I promise.), and it had to be alias free. I have some tricks for this, so I coded it up, and WOW.

Now, +obviously+ it's not for everything. I mean, you don't clip an acoustic recording, that would just be plain weird. But you do clip dancey stuff. And when you do, with this, BAD THINGS HAPPEN. This is, I think, almost a better reaction than I got from people with TBK3. And that was pretty silly. Perhaps I will post a clip.... of the clip ;)



// JLN // said...


That's awesome news Dave, thanks for the update !

// J u L ! e N //

Calvin said...

hey, i'm a sonalksis customer and i love the plugs. where the heck are you guys getting news about the new products? i want in.

Dave Sonalksis said...

.. erm... run that by me again?